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Hello !

Welcome to my blog dedicated to travel and art !😀 Let me take you with me during my travels and the exploration of these destinations !

But first, let me tell you about myself 😉

My name is Laetitia, I am 28 years old and I am half French half Singaporean and traveling has always been a passion to me.

I am known as LuttiTravels amongst my friends

As a kid I used to move a lot with my parents and spend a lot of hours in an airplane (usually between France and Singapore). I was blessed to have parents who would take my to awesome places, like Maldives or Mauritius, and discovered a lot of new fun activities like diving or water skiing !

When I grew older I moved to England for my Bachelors and spent one year in Mannheim, Germany for my Erasmus year, and THAT is what started it all.

During my Erasmus year I traveled all around Germany, took bus trips to Zurich or Amsterdam or day trips to Strasbourg. That’s when I knew that it was what I wanted to do :

Travel the world, Live from it and inspire others!

And that’s why I am creating this blog and sharing my pics on Instagram

  • To share my experiences with you through travel tips and tricks,
  • inspire you to travel through amazing stories from travellers and locals,
  • and bring you happiness despite these dark times we are living in through the amazing arts and crafts !

What can you find in this blog ?

My Bucket list